Our Mamas.



Breed: F2 Pomsky

Age: Under 1 yrs

Cami is a new addition as of 2021! She is out of Mack + Gypsy. 

She has a black and white, wooly coat and bi eyes. 

I expect her to be around 18lbs full grown. She is so smart and is a pillow maniac. She can always be found on the couch with her pink elephant toy. 


Gyspy Rose

Breed: Pomsky

Age: 2 year old

Gypsy Rose is the third addition to our Pomsky program. She was produced at Southern Charm out of Jaq + Pandora. Gypsy and Luna are full siblings. She will have a wooly black and white coat + blue eyes. 


Retiring in 2021

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 3 years old

Magnolia came to us from Texas! We picked her up from Magnolia Market place and that is how she got her name. She has piercing blue eyes and a dark red coat. Magnolia is extremely laid back for a husky.



Breed: Pomsky

Age: 1 year old

Kira is our mamas girl. She follows me everywhere I go. Her coat is thick and wooly. Kira has blue eyes that will melt your heart and a beautiful gray/white coat. We can't wait to see her first litter. 


Retiring in 2021

Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: 3 years old

Autumn has always been an adventurer. She loves to go on long walks and hanging in the backyard. Autumn has blue eyes and a wooly red coat. 



Breed: 50/50 Pomsky 

Age: 2 year old

Everleigh is a puppy from Storm and Benji (a stud we borrowed from another breeder friend). She is a unique red color with gorgeous husky markings. She has one blue and one green eye. Eve always wants to be with her people and getting some cuddles in. 



Breed: Pomsky

Age: 8 Months (As of Jan 2021)

Asher is an F1 Pomsky we kept back from Autumn and Jaq. Autumn has such an incredible temperament we knew we had to keep one of her puppies back for our program. Asher has one brown and one blue eye. She will have a wooly gray and white coat. Asher is teeny tiny weighing only 8lbs at 8 months. Expected full weight is 12lbs



Breed: Pomsky

Siryn is our newest addition! She came to us from Arizona and we are so excited to add her genetics into our lines.

She is black, white and wooly (long hair) with stunning blue eyes. Siryn is going to stay small at around 12-15lbs. 

She loves to be around people and snuggled up under your feet or on your lap. Incredibly intelligent and happy. 



Breed: F1 Pomsky 

Age: 6 Months (As of Jan 2021)

Chai is an F1 puppy we kept back from a Magnolia and Zander breeding. She is extreme wooly (long haired) and has piercing blue eyes. Her red and white coat makes her stand out. This sweet girl is all about cuddles and leaning in for hugs. Such an incredible personality just like her mama. Super laid back and down for whatever.