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Meet Our Studs.



Breed-Pomsky F2

Age- 3 Years


Coal is the man of the household. He is the happiest go lucky boy in the world. He loves to snuggle and do the dishes. (Dream man). Chill and snuggly. 

Wooly coat, blue eyes and mini 

Sin 2023.HEIC



Age- 2 Years

Weight: 8lbs

Sin is the happiest, most handsome man around town. Loves everything and everyone. He absolutely loves being a stud muffin and hanging with all his ladies. Wonderful temperament. Wooly, blue eyes and mini.



Breed- Mini Pomsky

Age: 2 Years Old

Weight: 8lbs

Legacy is the son of Legend (our first merle stud). He is a mini merle with bright blue eyes. He truly has the most laid back, mama's boy personality. So gentle and easy to be with. Never wants to cause any drama. This boy produces the sweetest babies. His genetics add some color to our lines and diversity. 

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